HEARING? Mark 10: 46-52

In our world today all of our senses are being assaulted by sight. Everyday we are given images of violence and destruction in cites around our country. There is so much fear in our land. People afraid to talk to each other. People who are beginning to prefer separation to community. There is fear in our world like the fear alive and well in the first century. It would be wise to remember the world was dominated by Rome. They ruled by power and intimidation and fear.

Our own world is a lot like the world of blind Bartimaeus. He could not see his world and so could only hear his world. What would we hear in our world if we didn’t rely on our sight. How did Bartimaeus know about Jesus? How did he know Jesus was the son of David? A person in the first century who was blind would have a difficult time getting any education and be taught the history of his land and be able to understand Jesus and what He brings into our world.

What do we hear? Who do we listen to? What do we do with what we hear? Bartimaeus was not quiet. He was not passive but was willing to be seen and heard. What about us friends? Are we willing to be heard and willing to take any action on what we hear?

Bartimaeus gives us some major challenges. His focus isn’t on the situation in the world. His focus was on his relationship with Jesus knowing that Jesus is the One who can give him his sight. Knowing that Jesus is the center and the world we live in is not the center of everything. What are we focused on in the world of the Church? What are we focused on in the this world of ours? Friends we are desperately in need of a Spiritual Awakening in our world. I ask those who pray to be praying for God to send a Spiritual Awakening to our world. To open the door to a healing influence in our world. A world that is embroiled in a spiritual war. A war that has broken out into the daylight.

What is happening in our world calls us as the Church to be praying for God’s Will to be done in this world. The real weapons of war are the one’s God provides. 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5. Divine power to demolish strongholds. Verse 5 demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. Look in our world and hear what people are saying and doing and we will realize there is a lot of arguments and pretensions that sets ITSELF up against the knowledge of God. Are we. Hearing more about the world than about Jesus. We need another Bartimaeus to lead the way to Jesus. Throwing his cloak aside not depending on the things of this world, but putting himself into the hands of Jesus who is the genuine healer. Folks we need the healing of Jesus. We need a Spiritual Awakening and we need the people of God to take on the mantle of Prayer. How about us? What will we do? Answer the call of the world and hear only that voice. Or will we answer the call of God to be more of His people praying for change rather than riots and destruction