What Is the Primary Purpose of the Church?

Mathew28: 16-20

2 Chronicles 7: 14

We live in a difficult world. A world that distracts us from life from each other from living our life. We then are distracted from our calling as the people of God. We are frightened by our world. We are distracted by issues. We are distracted by violence and intimidation. We have chaos, confusion, violence and fear. And when we look at the Bible we see a world that is much like our world today.

Matthew 28: 16-20 what has been called the great commission is given in the context of the cross and resurrection. A time of great pain transformed into hope and a grand vision to reach the world. Jesus did not say to march on any state or national government but instead called us to make disciples. Disciples are people who are learners (students) of Jesus. People put the focus on a Spiritual Awakening that went around the world. It changed everything. It changed people. It changed. Society. This great commission touched everything in our world.

2 Chronicles 7: 14 The verse is in the context of the Lord appearing to Solomon as the Temple and the Palace have been completed. The call to prayer is in the context a plague. Notice the writer writes if my people. If. It sounds like prayer is a choice and is a specific event by a certain people. His people. A people called by the name of the Lord.

The writer gives directions to the people of God. The directions start with Repentance in the people of God. The word repentance is about turning a 180 degree turn that takes, the people of God in a completely new direction. A direction different than were headed. Is it interesting that we are to look at our own record before we pray for our world, our neighbor, and our friend.

If they will seek the face of God. A people that pursue the presence of God in their lives and turn from their wicked ways. In other words We change our behaviors. If we will follow the directions given by God He will heal our land. Our land needs healing. We are a people that uses each other, and is critical of each other.

God will hear from heaven. Folks God is hearing. Will we pray?

God will forgive our sin. Notice sin is singular. It is about the core of who we are and God still forgives. God will heal our land. Who we are as a people.

Folks how we handle what is happening in our world is everything. I was sent a statement that has provoked me to think. Here it is.

"First we overlook evil.

Then we permit evil.

Then we legalize evil.

Then we promote evil.

Then we celebrate evil.

Then we persecute those Who still call it evil.

Well folks we are called to pray and not march. We are called to pray and not to protest.

We are called to pray and not to criticize each other. Will we pray now and from now on?